We are proud to provide veterinary care for the Kentucky Reptile Zoo.

Radiograph of a Bushmaster snake
King Cobra Surgery

The following video was taken in our Versailles office. It is a 15 foot King Cobra that had a tumor on her mid abdomen. Drs’s. Keith and Johnson are the surgeons. Curators Harrison and Wiley are also seen in the video (BTW, don’t do this at home…)

Watch Removing tumor from King Cobra at KRZ

Watch Argentine Boa Constrictor Surgery

We provide medical and surgical services for the KENTUCKY REPTILE ZOO located in Slade Kentucky (Natural Bridge Area). We encourage you to visit their facility to see the largest collection of venomous snakes and reptiles in the world.

They also provide educational presentations throughout the year for a variety of groups (4-H, Scouting, schools, etc…) both on-site and on-location. Curators/ Directors Jim Harrison and Kristen Wiley are known worldwide for their expertise and experience. They have made many appearances on Animal Planet, National Geographic Channel, and the Discovery Channel.