Surgery and Anesthesia can be two of the most stressful events for our beloved pets. Whether it is a common procedure (spay/ neuter) or a more involved bone surgery, the level of care is vital for the pet AND the owner. Unfortunately, there is not a universal standard for all veterinary practices.

Our standard of care is second to none. Our patients deserve the highest quality expertise, equipment, facilities, nursing care, and medications that are available.

We apply this to every facet of our practice; it is simply too important not to!

Performing Surgery

In our practice, ALL animals will receive:

  • *A preanesthetic physical exam
  • *Preanesthetic bloodwork
  • *Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • *Intravenous catheter and fluids
  • *Pain management before, during and after the procedure

We do not offer these services as a choice or option to owners. Your pet’s Doctor is best suited to know what is best and will select the best care available. We are very proud to provide this level of service for our patients. By completing these services, we decrease the risk of anesthesia and surgical problems. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the Doctor or staff.